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Citizens Against Abusive Power Systems
The Team

John Marchetti  John Marchetti is our Founder/CEO/CTO of the organization. He holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Technical Management form DeVry University, and over 25 years business experience, owning and operating businesses in a variety of industries. In addition, he has had over 20 years dealing with the US legal system in various capacities. His role with the organization is a leadership role and he can be found on any day working in many different capacities. Primarily his time is spent fundraising, organizing, and supervising the day to day activities when he is not implementing his vision for the company or greeting clients to actively ensure the organization's success. His door is always open, and he maintains a permanent seat ont he CAAPS Board of Trustees. 
Now Hiring Director of Fundrainsing Position is Now Vacant.

 Alyssa Marchetti is the Organization's animal rights activist and sits on the social media panel. She also holds a permanent seat on the organization's Board of Trustees. She is currently still working on her education, and is the creator of the puzzle auction program to help fund the costs of the  organization's operations. 
   J.T. Hobbs is an investigator with a degree in Investigative journalism with more than 30 years experience in the field. There is not a picture for J.T. because he chooses to remain anonymous due to his role with the company. He is truly a man of mystery, but a very experienced and skilled person, and a valued asset to the organization. 
 Our Volunteers Our Volunteer Staff: We would be remiss in not mentioning our voluteer staff here. These people are the lifeblood of the operations of the organization. They have a variety of backgrounds and duties and are always willing to do whtever is necessary. Our volunteer staff ranges from retirees to college students with a varied degree of specialties.  



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