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Citizens Against Abusive Power Systems


We are a 501(C)(3) non-profit civil and human rights organization dedicated to fighting abuse wherever it resides. Whether the issues small incidents or large complex corrupt systems, CAAPS helps to take action and defeat abuse to society through activism, education, public awareness initiatives, providing free and low cost legal assistance, attorney referrals, media exploitation of abuse, and filing civil and criminal complaints on behalf of our clients after fully investigating the issues. In addition, we will work with governments and public officials to provide real world solutions and reforms to make society a better place for all.
General Information
CAAPS funding mechanisms revolve around private sector donations, selling memberships, and fundraising events. We survive on volunteer efforts and donations to provide our services for free and help fight the important issues that are fundamental to the better welfare of all of society.

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Our Programs:

Legal Representation: We provide free legal representation for civil and criminal issues.

Investigative Services: We investigate and exploit corruption and abuse in an attempt to ensure accountability, inspire reform, and gain justice.  

CopCam Program: CAAPS actively pursues government accountability and as such we consistently push for law enforcement personnel to be equipped with head/body cams that should be used any time there is public contact. The benefits to such a program are many, including a reduction of corruption, an increase in professionalism, use as a training tool to revise procedure, reduction of court time and costs of testimony, ensured accountability, and a safer, more secure environment for everyone. Through this program we provide equipment and funding to law enforcement agencies that wish to equip a POV cam program but need assistance in doing so.

Victim Abuse Services Program: CAAPS will help victims of abuse with limited financial assistance, safe harboring, temporary sheltering, testimony preparation, legal issues and counseling. This service is free under this program. 

Relocation Services: CAAPS will give relocation assistance to anywhere in the world where we have an office or resources. Relocation includes temporary housing, help finding shelter, employment, limited financial assistance, and immigration assistance. This service i
s free for victims of abuse but is available on a fee based service if you just want to disappear (you are allowed to do that as an adult). CAAPS members receive a discount and we are always seeking support partners (businesses and individuals that can assist in our efforts.)

CAAPS Rewards Program: CAAPS offers cash rewards for information that results in the termination or prosecution and conviction of any public servant that is unprofessional or corrupt in an effort to instill accountability in the people that are supposed to serve society. We offer up to $5000.00 for information that results in termination/removal from office; and up $15,000 for information that results in prosecution and conviction.

Coats for Kids: CAAPS provides coats and school supplies for families with children that cannot meet the financial burdens of the times. (application and qualification is necessary).

CAAPS Business Membership Program: There are many benefits to being a business member with CAAPS. Benefits include listing in CAAPS directory, legal research and use of our investigators (for attorney members), free/low cost background checks, limited free legal assistance, advertising/marketing assistance, random free public mentions on our website and at our events with recognition as sponsors, free delivery of ads to our members, business management consultations, use of our volunteer pool (when available), don't forget the recognition of supporting a great charitable cause, and much, much more. Annual Business Membership cost is $300/yr.

Personal Membership: A CAAPS personal membership provides great benefits for everyone including, discounts to CAAPS events and services, free and discounted CAAPS seminars, discounts from business members, priority and guaranteed access to CAAPS services, specialized raffles, low cost and sometimes free group trips, and family gatherings, lots of members only exclusives, access to certain benefit plans, and much, much more... Annual Personal Membership is $50.00/yr

CAAPS Society of Knights Templar : This is CAAPS special secret society designed to be sovereign under International Law. It is a civic minded, abuse fighting, elite, corps of saviors looking to better society and preserve freedoms. There are many benefits to being a Knight, including special events, prestigious award, and much, much more. Application fee is $500.00. (If you are a member of other civic organizations like FreeMasons, Shriners, KofC, Kiwanis, the Rotary ... etc. the application fee is waived.)

CAAPS Prison Society: Our prison society offers free legal assistance to prisoners, and re-  integration services to help prisoners return to society in an effort to stop recidivism and make society a better place. (Prisoners that are CAAPS members are guaranteed access to our legal department, can receive support in taking care of loose ends like securing belongings and checking on family members, and may participate in the Prison Benefits Program which pays a monthly stipend while in prison. {prior application is necessary and fees apply}).

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