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If you are already an existing CAAPS member these additional benefits apply to you. If someone you know is currently in jail or prison, please take the time to purchase a Prison Society Membership so they can stay in touch with legal issues that may affect them, and have valuable priority access to get the help they need.

Our services are free and membership is not required, however members who are incarcerated enjoy the following benefits:  

  • Guaranteed Access To Our Legal Department – WE ACCEPT ALL COLLECT CALLS FROM PRISONERS and will allow them to speak directly with our qualified legal staff. If our attorneys do not take your case, then we will assist you with document preparation and legal research for a Pro-se filing and we will even file your papers for you. 
  • Educational Support Services – Education is the #1 deterrent of recidivism. Learn something while you are in prison. We help with literature, books , and assisting with correspondence studies.
  • Printed Version of Our Monthly Newsletter –Keeping you up to date on what is going on in the world, legal system, and prison systems with regard to civil and human rights.
  • Prison Liaison/Mediation Services – Some prison administrations will work with us to mediate issues, and we will mediate your issues with those that are willing.  
  • Prisoner Reintegration Services – Any prisoner that has been locked up for any amount of time often needs assistance reintegrating with society. We can be that source of help with finding places to live, employment, volunteer services, support groups, and just helping you to get back on your feet so you stay out of prison.
  • Keeping Families Together – We assist in keeping families together with family outreach programs in which we will deliver messages and assist in resolving personal unresolved business like securing of property and small things that often left unattended when one goes to jail. 
  • Occasional/Random Free Holiday Packages/Gifts – In appreciation for becoming and staying a member while you are in prison, we randomly send out free gifts, books, secure pack, holiday packages, and sometimes just a few dollars on the books. (Gifts occur randomly, when funds are available – please don’t ask for them. If you are a member, you are on the list and have a random chance of receiving something.)  

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Don’t discount the benefits of supporting a great charity by purchasing our Membership Plan. You will not only be aiding in the defeat of abuse and corruption, protection of freedoms of our nation, and the education of society regarding complicated issues today, but also you will be supporting our services to victims of abuse, most of whom cannot afford or find the help they need.

Get Your Membership Today!

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Prison Society
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