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Citizens Against Abusive Power Systems

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CAAPS Business Sponsorship Program
Cost: $300/yr

In addition to helping support our organization in its fight against abuse and corruption and the many other charitable programs we run, a CAAPS Business Sponsorship can be an essential tool to help your business grow, whether you choose to receive public recognition for your support or opt for anonymity.

Membership Benefits:

  • Subscription to our E-zine – loaded with articles about our activities on an ongoing basis, business tips, and educational materials, raffle winnings , and much more.
  • Marketing/Advertising Assistance – You will receive random mentions as our sponsor throughout the year on our website and in our newsletter. In addition we will give priority attention to any special offers directed to our membership, and if you have coupons or special promotions that need to go out through direct mail we will include your offers with our mailings, just supply us with the material. 
  • Access To Our Volunteer Pool – Every business owner has come up against having a small job that they just don’t want to allocate valuable employee time, don’t have the skills to handle, or just can’t find the time to do it themselves.  CAAPS allows our business members to share our volunteer pool. If we have a volunteer available for the job you need done, you got it – Just give us a call and inquire.  This also gives you access to skilled people that you may want to hire in the future, and continued access to our organization in case you have an issue. 
  • Limited Legal Services – Need a contract reviewed? Terms of service written? Or, a quick business legal question? Just call us. This can save you hundreds of dollars as well as help you avoid making costly mistakes by trying to do it yourself. 
  • Business Consultations – Have a new idea? Want to expand? Need some market research done? Or, Financial Research? We help you with all of that. We have skilled current and former business owners that are members and on staff that will come out and meet with you for free to strategically plan your next steps.
  • Priority Access To Our Services – when you call as a member you are at the front of our line and we guarantee you will speak with one of our reps, in the proper department within 24 hours of your contact, whether it be by phone, e-mail, or text. In addition, your business receives priority first right access when we seek vendors for our events and space may be free or discounted.
  • Revenue Partnership – Help us meet our budgetary demands by collecting donations, tip/change jars, running raffles, selling event tickets … etc., and we will reward you by paying your company up to 10% of the proceeds collected.
  • Free a Low Cost Access to our seminars for business owners and their employees -- Our Seminars can cover a wide array of topics from self improvement to legal issues and financial planning and we will post any upcoming events for our members to choose from. 

Special for Attorneys: Enjoy all of the traditional business spo benefits listed above and also receive the additional benefits listed below.

Exclusive Access To Overflow List – We cannot take on all of the cases we are asked to take on, so we place case summaries in a weekly e-mail and send the e-mail out to all of our attorney members for them to accept the cases we can’t handle.  (Special Rules Apply)

Free Legal Research Assistance – Use our qualified legal professionals to help you with your legal research, or adopt them to work with you as interns on your cases. (When resources are available – Assigned on first come first served basis.)

Free Investigative Assistance – Use our Investigators to assist you with your investigative needs. (When resources are available, based on first come first served basis)

Direct Media Access – Through our news column and e-zine as well as various media contacts, you have the ability to bring your issues to the forefront in a public campaign either anonymously or openly in our efforts at damage control against the drama monger news agencies of the day.

Don’t see a service here that might fulfill your needs? CALL US, and request it. If we can accommodate you, or it makes our offerings better to all businesses, we want to hear from you!

Don’t discount the benefits of supporting a great charity by purchasing our Business Membership Plan. You will not only be aiding in the defeat of abuse and corruption, protection of freedoms of our nation, and the education of society regarding complicated issues today, but also you will be supporting our services to victims of abuse, most of whom cannot afford or find the help they need.     

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Special Notes: Businesses choosing to remain anonymous in their support will not be listed in our Membership Directory or have mentions online or at events, however they are welcome to participate in all of the other free services mentioned.
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