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Citizens Against Abusive Power Systems
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CAAPS Personal Sponsorship Program    Cost: $50/yr  

Membership Benefits  

Help support our organization in its fight against abuse and corruption and the many other charitable programs we run by enrolling in our Personal Sponsorship Plan. Although all of our services are free to society, in exchange for your extra support by becoming a personal card carrying CAAPS sponsor, you will enjoy additional benefits as follows: 

  • Subscription to our E-zine – loaded with articles about our activities on an ongoing basis, business tips, and educational materials, raffle winnings , and much more. 
  • Special Members Only Raffles and Events – There are exclusive raffles for members only and events that are educational and supportive in which the public will not be invited. 
  • Special Discounts and First Run Limited Supply Product Access – We sometimes have items that are exclusively reserved for our members, and limited supply items that our members will receive first and sometimes exclusive access.  Our members also receive up to a 30% discount on all of our products and event admission costs.
  • Random Free Attendance To Our Events – We set aside a few entrance passes for event attendance, whether it is our Barbecue Bash, Father’s & Daughter’s Fishing Trip, Mining Exploration for the Family, educational seminars, or many other social events, and we randomly send out those free admission opportunities to our members, or make those free passes available on a first responder basis through special e-mail offers.  Look for yours TODAY! 
  • Free Will Preparation – All our members are offered to have a will prepared for free by one of our professional legal representatives.
  • Priority Access To Our Services – when you call as a member you are at the front of our line and we guarantee you will speak with one of our reps, in the proper department within 24 hours of your contact, whether it be by phone, e-mail, or text. In addition, you receive priority first right access to all of our events. Typically, we will notify members of ticket sales to an event 1-2 weeks prior to announcing it to the public.  
  • Discount At Our Thrift Shops --  Our members receive an additional 10% discount at any of our thrift shop locations and on any of our online purchases. 
  • Low Cost Group/Family Vacations – We book vacations in bulk and try to have special vacations and field trips (sports events, theater, concerts , cruises … etc) once a month. Look for your offer today.
  • Guaranteed Legal Representation – Want to be sure you have a lawyer? Try our guaranteed legal plan. Plan may also include a guaranteed Bail program. (Additional fees apply).
  • Prison Benefits Plan – A plan that pays you a monthly stipend if you end up in prison. (Additional Fees Apply, currently incarcerated members do not qualify for present term of incarceration.)

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