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Citizens Against Abusive Power Systems
Alyssa's Puzzle Project

Alyssa's Puzzle Project picture

Alyssa's Puzzle Project is a new program being launched by CAAPS to help spread awareness of abuse and corruption. The program was founded by Alyssa, a 12 year old middle school student, and Director of Children and Animal Affairs at CAAPS. 

The idea behind the program is to involve schools in implementing a rewarding, fun, puzzle building exercise into educational programs about civics, abuse, public policy, and civil and human rights. The puzzle building exercise is used to allow children to take a stance against abuse and corruption, show them a peaceful activity that can allow them to be heard, and provide them with recognition and reward for standing up against the abuse and corruption that is so prevalent in society today.

The way it works:

Completed puzzle picture
Pic illustrating missing piece
Missing Piece
Name recognition plaque

The schools implement the project into classes related to public policy, abuse, corruption, civil protest, human rights, civil rights, probably at the end of the instructional period. The children can then pick puzzles as teams or individually to assemble in class. They assemble the puzzles and choose one piece to leave out. Then the puzzles are glued and turned over to us. We, at CAAPS, then matt and frame the puzzles, and then hold an auction at a gallery or other fundraising event, e-bay, or our website to raise funds for the fight against abuse and corruption. 

We will provide the puzzles, glue, matting, and framing and all the necessary work involved with bringing the finsihed puzzles to market.

Alternatively, if the schools do not have a program, CAAPS will  also accept donations of assembled, matted, framed and signed puzzles from children that assemble the puzzles at home and would like to contibute to the project for recognition and rewards.

All of Alyssa's Puzzle Project puzzles will send a two fold message:
  1.  That in order to defeat abuse and corruption all of the pieces have to fit together;
  2. there is one piece left out symbolizing the victim of abuse that didn't receive the help they needed. 

What the Child receives:

The children assembling the puzzles receive awareness of a problem and a means to express their stand to solve the problem. They also receive recognition for their stance as every puzzle will be signed and credited to the child(ren) that assembed the puzzle. If the event in which the puzzles are sold is public as opposed to online, the children will be invited to attend the event where they will meet people interested in their work, and see first hand how their work can be used to be heard and create money to make a difference in society. In addtion, the schools will be provided with a listing of the money generated by their efforts. Finally, an award system will be implemented for the children and schools that participated. On the school level, perhaps art supplies or some typeof additional educational funding. For the children, a pizza party or t-shirts, or some gift of nominal but aprreciative sybolic value. We will also create more elaborate gifts as awards on an individual level for bringing in the most money and/or artistic creativity, most compelling message ... etc. If this program is really successful then the gifts can include grant awards or scholorships for children wanting to enter into public service, the legal profession, or human interest work. 

How you can help now:

We are currently running a campaign to raise the funds to launch the project on a local level (at least). Depending on the amount of money recieved we will be able to launch in a wider area of influence and in a more elaborate fashion. We would like this project to eventually expand nationwide or even world wide. Abuse and corruption goes beyond race, color, creed, ethnicity, nationality, poverty,  and all geographic borders. Help stop the abuse today. 

You can contribute to our campaign by making a general donation using the donate now button below, or by sending us puzzles for the children to assemble. 

If you are sending puzzles you may mail them to:

c/o Alyssa's Puzzle Project
135 S. Springfield Rd
Box 49
Clifton Heights, PA 19018 

Alyssa's Puzzle Project
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