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Citizens Against Abusive Power Systems
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Freedom: We Are Our Own Worst Enemy

By J.T. Hobbs, CAAPS Staff Writer

Last week was a disappointing week; this week it continued. I watched a trial last week that it was a given the verdict would be an acquittal; it wasn't. Then, in conversing with my wife over the issue, she made a comment, “well maybe the Jury figured that he had the propensity to do it.” I was appalled. Shortly after that, I got notified a Jury failed to indict Dallas Police officers that killed a mentally ill man .... (more)

Prosecutor Fabricates Evidence And Attorney General's Office Covers for Him

Written By John Marchetti, CEO/CTO, CAAPS

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The Case was the People vs. Effrain Velasco – Palacios in Kern County California. In 2013, Palacios was accused of lewd and lascivious conduct with a child under 14 years of age. During plea negotiations a transcript of the police interview was requested by defense attorney Ernest  Hinman of the public defender’s office after Hinman was informed by Prosecutor Robert Murray that his office was considering withdrawing the charges to include much more aggravating charges that would include allegations of penetrative acts with exposure to a life sentence following the rejection of a plea ... (More)






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Freedom's Worst Enemy
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