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Citizens Against Abusive Power Systems

Your donations are how we survive so we can continue to help improve the world we live in and fight the kind of abuse and corrpution that makes us a repressed society with little freedoms. Your donations help us to continue to provide free legal services where needed and support services to victims of abuse. Aside from helping over 100 active current cases, and 3 major areas of concern relevant to all of society, including government/law enforcement accountibility, we are seeking donations to purchase a rooming house in support of our relocation/safe harbor initiatives for victims of abuse. Please be kind, and help us continue this important work. Help us change the world. Donate today.  Help Sign

In Addition to receiveing financial support we also accept goods/items. If you have an item laying around the house that you do not want, or do not have a need for any longer, please consider donating that item to us. We are interested in receiving Books, Dvd's, games, electronics (working or broken), old cell phones, gold, clothes, jewelry, Christmas Ornaments, toys, houshold items/goods (no food please) ... and just about anything else you can think of. 

We use the items you donate to raise money through fundraising events, like raffles and auctions (silent, private, and public), and as donations to needy families. 

To make a donation, please mail your items to:

135 South Springfield Rd
Box 49
Clifton Heights, PA 19018

or, If you are local to us, call us for a pick up 484-461-2731
(You will receive a receipt within 2 weeks of us receiving your donation, and you should discuss any tax incentives with your accountant.) 

f you are a needy family, or know of a needy family, contact us to request an application for our program. Needy families are considered impoverished families that are out of work due to economic times and have little or no income and no family resources to rely on, families that have suffered some type of disaster, and victims of abuse. 

Special Thanks to  all of oiur recent donors.

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